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Our history


Carthage Cement Foundation

The "Grandes Carrières du Nord" (GCN) company was demerged in 2008. The industrial part of GCN allowed the foundation of Carthage Cement, which recovered the ownership and exploitation of the Jbel Ressas career.


Expansion of GCN's business scope

The Jbel Ressas site has the advantage of having gathered in the same place other raw materials that are necessary for the manufacture of clinker such as marl and clay. This strategic location led to the idea of ​​creating a cement plant from 1996.

Indeed, it has always been obvious to the founder of GCN to extend the quarry exploiting by implementing a vertical development strategy that consists on introducing other activities using the natural resources at the disposal of the Jbel Ressas deposit such as cement and ready-mixed concrete in particular.


GCN Foundation

GCN was founded by Lazhar Sta, a former ENIT engineer. He applied his experience in the promotion and development of projects that he acquired within the APII (Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation). He also benefited from the experience of the Sta family and its partners who exploited an industrial career in the same region since the seventies.

GCN is an industrial complex of aggregate mining, slaughtering, grinding, sieving and classification. It also includes gravel production as well as other products. GCN has set up advanced technical assets that have allowed it to be a leader in its fields.


Acquisition of the career of Jbel Ressas by private shareholders

The quarry, with an area of ​​218 hectares, was bought from private local individuals by shareholders. It will later become "Les Grandes Carrières du Nord" (GCN).