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State of the art technology

Carthage Cement is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, enabling it to ensure smooth processes, easy handling and a cost-effective production.

1. Crusher

The raw material is fed into a hammer and impact crusher (type EV) through two separate vane distributors in order to bring the two mixtures according to the predetermined set of instructions.

Conception / spécifications
Concasseur EV 200X300
Débit de production 1300 t/h
Alimentation (dim max) 1500 mm
Production (dim) Max 5% +96 mm

2. Raw crushing (ATOX)

For crushing raw materials, a Vertical ATOX vertical mill is used.

The ATOX raw material mill uses the pressure and the generated shear between the rollers and the turntable to crush and pound the raw materials. The feed material is directed onto the grinding table by the feed chute. The rotation of the grinding table accelerates the material towards the grinding track and passes it under the rollers.

The gas passing through the mill reaches the separator (type RAR-LVT) with very high separation performance.

Conception / spécifications
Broyeur  ATOX 50.0
Séparateur RAR-LVT 52.5
Débit production 455 t/h (sec)

0% >175mm

MAX. 2% >150mm

Min. 30% >25mm

Finesse du Cru Max 12% + 90µm

3.Silo homo and Food Oven

Conception / spécifications
silo CF 20 x 58
Diamètre du Silo 20 m
Section haute du silo 58 m
Capacité silo (chaque) 22,000 t ~ 2.4 jours consommation
Système alimentation four Élévateur avec dépoussiéreur

4. Oven and cooler

Conception / spécifications
Capacité Four 5800 t/j
Préchauffeur 2 lignes 5 étages ILC
Taux de calcination 55-60%
Dimension four 3-base Ø5.0m x 78m
Bruleur Principal Duoflex pour petcoke et gas
refroidisseur SF 4x6 cross-bar
température clinker 65°C (+ ambiante)
Conception refroidisseur pour 5800 t/d
Débit transport refroidisseur >5800 t/d
Filtre de Dépoussiérage A manches
Émissions refroidisseur Max. 25 mg/Nm^3

5. Preheater, calciner and oven

Preheater :
The chosen configuration offers an energy-saving solution that takes into account the moisture content of the raw meal as well as the tower dimensions.

Online Calciner:
On-line calciners have lower NOx emissions than in-line calcination furnaces, since all exhaust gases from the furnace must pass through calcination.

Oven with three supports:
The 3-base oven is a high-quality rotary oven with three traditional supports.  

Duoflex burner:
The DUOFLEX ™ burner triggers rotary ovens with pulverized pet-coke, natural gas or any mixture of these fuels.
The DUOFLEX burner is unique. It in fact carries a central duct for gaseous and liquid fuels placed inside an annular coal duct.

6. Clinker cooler. SF Cross-Bar

Conception / spécifications
type SF 4 X 6
Degré de chargement 41.8 t/d/m²
Air soufflé 1.96 Nm3 air/kg clinker
Nombre de ventilateurs 9
Inclinaison refroidisseur
Température clinker 65° C (au dessus de l’ambient)

7. Pet-Coke Shredder

For crushing of pet-coke, a TIRAX-type grinding is proposed. It is a fully ventilated system in a closed circuit.

Conception / spécifications
Broyeur TM 42x7.25+3.6
Séparateur RTKM 25
Filter broyeur Bag filter
Limites alimentation (dim) Max.  5% > 25 mm
Type ppet-coke Pet coke Pet coke High volatile bituminous
Débit de Production 33 t/h (sec) 45 t/h (dry)
Finenesse produit Max. 3% Max. 12% + 90 um
Humidité alimentation Max. 8.0% Max. 8.0%
Max. Capacité séchage de 8.0% to 1.0% humidité de 8.0% to 1.0% humidité

8.Atelier Crushing Cement

UMS Cement grinder:

Conception / spécifications
broyeur UMS 50 x 15.0
séparateur Sepax 425
Débit Production 155 t/h
Finesse 320 m² /kg (Blaine)
Product temperature 105°C
Collecteur Filter a manches
Filtre broyeur Filter à manches

Closed circuit:

The circuit includes a very high performance SEPAX 3rd generation separator.

9. Bagging Unit 

Each bagging unit has the following characteristics:

  • Cement is transported through a bucket elevator to a screw conveyor to the bagger.
  • The machine is equipped with 08 rotary nozzles with an automatic or manual applicator.
  • Each filling nozzle is equipped with its own vertical axis propeller and an electronic weighing system including automatic weighing control.
  • Each bagger is connected to two forklift trucks that feed two loaders in parallel so that there’s permanently a truck for loading in order to maintain the line of conditioning with high efficiency.