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What is cement

The cement is a fine mineral powder obtained after a very precise manufacturing process. Mixed with water, this powder forms a pulp that freezes and hardens, even under water. Depending on the composition and fineness of the powder, the properties of the cement are not the same.

The cement is the main component of concrete and lends it a number of properties, including strength. It is a high quality economical building material that is used in construction projects all over the world.

The cement is obtained by grinding and baking a mixture of limestone and clay at 1450 Celsius degrees. Called clinker, this granular material is essentially a combination of lime, silica, alumina and iron oxide.

Carthage Cement manufactures and commercialize various categories of cement, depending on the chemical composition of the raw materials, the possible additions of complementary components at the time of grinding and the fineness of the product.

Each category of products corresponds to specific purpose such as residential constructions, art works construction, underground works or even concretes submitted to aggressive environment.

The cement produced by Carthage Cement meets precise quality criteria and are subjected to regular and thorough controls at each stage of the manufacturing process. This allows it to guarantee the conformity of the end-product to the quality known standards.