First quarter 2014 revenue
8 April 2014

Revenues are split between 16.8 MTD of clinker sold, 13.1 MTD cement local sales and 3.9 MTD export cements and 8 MTD for aggregate sales and Ready Mix Clinker production reached in the first quarter 2014, 234 084 tonnes and from which a production of 136 083 tonnes of cement was made.

The company's debt decreased slightly from 515 MTD at 31/12/2013 to 508 MTD at 31 March 2014. As such, CARTHAGE CEMENT started to settle its debts during the first quarter of 2014, although it continues to pay the remainder of its previous investments.

The pace of debt settlements will increase in the second half of 2014 with the growth of production and sales of cements.

It should be noted that the company started production of clinker from October 2013, this production reached about 332,715 tons and from which a production of 42,873 tons of cement was produced up to the end of 2013.

It should be noted that the company has planned in its business plan on the occasion of the capital increase in cash (from 145 MTD to 172 MTD) in April 2013, a 2014 annual turnover of 327.7 MTD .

The capital increase enabled the company to raise funds up to 80 MTD.

The share capital of the company thus increased from TND 145,423,907 to TND 172,134,413 through the issuance of 26,710,506 new shares with a nominal value of 1 TD and at issue price of 3 TND.

This capital increase enabled Carthage Cement to raise funds in the amount of TD 80 131 518 under the financing scheme for its investment and development program, for the construction of the new cement plant located in Djebel Ressas in the Ben Arous Governorate with a capacity of 2.3 million tons of cement per year.

Located in Mornag, in the southern suburbs of Tunis, the cement plant has a production capacity of 6,500 tons of cement per day, equivalent to 2.3 million tons per year. It is also backed by aggregate production units of 12,000 tonnes per day and an installed ready-mix concrete (BPE) capacity of 2,600 m3 per day.

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